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Dead Funny by Terry Johnson with Katherine Parkinson: the play you will never expect but will enjoy thoroughly

Yesterday I went to the Vaudeville theatre to see a play called Dead Funny. I had found it on the TodayTix app and didn’t really know what it was, except that it was said to be funny. I love funny. So I took a ticket and went there for the matinee, at 2.30pm. It was nothing I could ever expect from a theater play but I di enjoy it extremely much nevertheless and do strongly advise it.

Découverte londonienne : les thés australiens de T2

En arrivant à Londres lundi, j’ai posé ma valise avant de repartir pour Tottenham Court Road. J’ai marché un peu avant de me rendre à Minalima et à ma séance d’écriture pour le NaNoWriMo et en me promenant je suis tombée sur la boutique de la marque australienne T2. / When I arrived in London on Monday, I dropped my suitcase before leaving to Tottenham Court Road. My goal was The Minalima House and then the NaNoWriMo Write-in but I walked a bit first, since I had some time. And that’s how I discovered the T2 tea shop.

Thé comme t’es #18 : Kurush Bharucha, Tea Master de TO by Lipton 

At the beginning of the month, I had the great chance to meet TO by Lipton’s Tea Master, Kurush Bharucha and to exchange a few words with him – mostly about tea, of course. In front of an array of tea bloggers, the Indian born tea master managed to say: « I would really like you to drink more tea. » Quite a challenge. And a lot of pee in perspective considering what we already drink 😉 Kurush also emphasised the importance of the quality of water when one makes tea: « Water is the mother of tea. You can buy the best tea in the world, if your water tastes funny, your tea will taste funny. » But mostly, he really expressed his love for tea in the sweetest and most accessible way. Although he is a Tea Master he was nice and humble, and shared his history with great simplicity.

TO by Lipton x Pierre Hermé: tales of a sweet, sweet day

With about 40 bloggers, instagrammers and influencers invited to that superb TO by Lipton x Pierre Hermé day, you probably read too many reports of it already, but here’s mine anyway. A bit late, sure, but I was really, really busy until now and also, I wanted to take the time once I got the machine to try it correctly before telling you what I think about it. / Avec une bonne quarantaine de blogueurs, instagrammeurs et influenceurs invités à cette superbe journée TO by Lipton x Pierre Hermé, vous avez déjà dû lire pas mal d’avis sur le sujet. J’arrive un peu après la bataille parce que j’étais busy busy mais aussi parce que je voulais prendre le temps de recevoir la machine et de la tester tranquillement avant de vraiment donner mon avis.

Prince Philip asks for divorce as the Queen gives up tea for Rooibush

It is a shocking news that Somewhere Over the Teapot is very sad to report this morning: Queen Elizabeth II has declared in a official statement that she is to give up tea for Rooibush, and that her whole household and staff was to do the same. As a consequence, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburg, is said to have asked for a divorce and the British people seems outraged as a survey reveals that 94% of them wants the Queen to abdicate the throne in favour of Prince Charles.

A Nice Cup of Tea : que penser des 11 règles d’or pour préparer le thé de George Orwell ? 

Le 12 janvier 1946, George Orwell publiait dans l’Evening Standard un essai intitulé A Nice Cup of Tea (ou Une belle tasse de thé en français, ndlr) énumérant les onze règles d’or de l’écrivain pour préparer le thé. Soixante-dix ans plus tard, que penser de ce texte et des arguments d’Orwell ? / On January 12th, 1946, George Orwell published, in the Evening Standard, an essay called A Nice Cup of Tea listing the writer’s eleven golden rules to make tea. Seventy years later, what should one think of Orwell’s arguments?

Thé comme t’es #8 : Sarah et le Genmaïcha

C’est pendant que j’étais en stage que j’ai découvert le Genmaïcha. Les effluves m’ont beaucoup intriguée car elles ne ressemblaient à rien que je connaissais. Le Genmaïcha est d’une douceur incroyable, je le trouve très réconfortant. / It was during an internship that I discovered Genmaicha tea. I was intrigued by the fragrance of this tea because it smelled like nothing I knew then. Genmaicha is soft and soothing.

Thé comme t’es #7 : Marion et le Marco Polo de Mariage Frères

« Le thé, ça m’évoque tout de suite maman qui, depuis que je suis toute petite, se fait une thermos d’un litre et demi d’Earl Grey tous les matins et qui à chaque fois m’en donnait en me disant ‘Il faut que tu boives du thé’. Alors quand j’ai découvert le Marco Polo, c’était pour moi le thé des vacances. » / « Tea always makes me think of mummy who, since I was a girl, used to prepare a liter and a half of Earl Grey every morning et every time she would make me drink some, telling me ‘You have to drink tea’. So when I discovered Marco Polo, to me, it was the tea of holiday time. »

Crash test : mon tea cosy de Tafferty Designs

Ça y est, j’ai reçu mon tea cosy de Tafferty Designs ! J’étais toute excitée après avoir passé ma commande et quand il est arrivé, j’ai tout de suite voulu l’essayer. Bonne nouvelle : il est vraiment génial. / I received it! My Tafferty Designs pure wool tea cosy arrived home! I was so excited after placing my order that when it arrived, I instantly wanted to try it. Good news: it’s awesome.

Milk or tea first? Faut-il mettre le thé ou le lait en premier dans sa tasse ? 

Il est des questions qui trouvent difficilement une réponse satisfaisante. L’œuf ou la poule ? Ou encore : mettre le lait ou le thé en premier dans la tasse ? Fortnum & Mason, qui fournit la famille royale d’Angleterre en thé, a la réponse. / Some questions don’t always have a satisfying answer. Egg or hen? Or even harder: should we put the milk or the tea first in our cup? Fortnum & Mason, the house that provides the English Royal Family with tea, has the answer.

Thé comme t’es #5 : Nara et le Chai tea latte

« C’est très agréable de prendre un Chai tea latte à emporter quand arrivent les premières neiges. » / « Come the first snow, it’s always nice to have a nice Chai tea latte to take away. »