Bleecker Street Burger: hottest burger in London

Bleecker St. Burger in Old Spitafields Market

Bleecker St. Burger in Old Spitafields Market

I had been following their Instagram account for quite of lots of months and didn’t have a chance to try it yet. So the very first thing I did after arriving in London last week and dropping my suitcase at my friend’s was to head straight to the Old Spitafields Market to find Bleecker Street Burger and try it. And it was DELICIOUS. 

I arrived at Bleecker Street Burger counter and asked for a bacon cheeseburger but also to swap the regular sauce (it has tomato in it, to which I’m allergic) for the blue cheese one. « Are you sure about that? » the waitress asked very nicely (because this is England and people are nice to each other here). « No one has EVER asked for that before. » So I explained I was really sure and I actually loved mixing all the cheeses because, well, I’m French. She laughed and asked then: « I guess I don’t need to ask if you’re good with medium-rare, then ». So I laughed and said I was perfectly fine with it indeed.

Originally a food truck (which still exists, by the way), Bleecker Street Burger was so successful that they opened the counter in the Old Spitafields Market, where one can find lots of other yummy stuff to eat. When my burger arrived I saw that it was actually a mini-one, but with the fries it was honestly really enough. The bread is really nice, the meat is juicy and every ingredient served generously and very tasty. Fries were a bit too salty for me, though, but I don’t usually eat as salty as other people do so next time I’ll just be careful to ask them without too much salt on it. All together I had a great time savouring that perfect burger before hitting the city. So if you’re looking for something nice and juicy, Bleecker St. Burger is what you need!